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Start button coming back with Windows “Blue” Update
Start button coming back with Windows “Blue” Update

“Windows 8 sucks” a complaint that I hear frequently from my clients. Okay, so it is not a complaint as much as it is a statement. The fact of the matter is that Microsoft changed the OS so much that people are lost in it. Microsoft started Windows 8 as an Operating System for tablets and phones to compete with Android and iOS. If they would have stopped there I think they would have been very successful. On a phone an don a tablets windows 8 is very cool. On the convertible laptops Windows 8 is okay also, but it has no place on a desktop or non touch screen laptop. In a year or so I think every one will be speaking of Windows 8 the way they speak about Vista. So Microsoft has heard the complaints and they are trying to fix them, one of the biggest complaints everyone has is no start button, and with Windows Blue Continue Reading

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