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Stagecoach and John Wayne
Stagecoach and John Wayne
In the chronicle of American movie, a small number of films can be see as having more influence than Stagecoach. The movie established the blueprint for an completely novel style, the Western drama. But maybe equally as significant, the movie started the expansive professional lives of 3 of Hollywood's most well known professionals: John Ford, John Wayne & Ned Scott, Director, actor, photographer in that order.

Stagecoach was filmed in 1939, and so was born the initial famous Hollywood Western. The movie has as director John Ford, & headlined Claire Trevor in the company of John Wayne in his breakout character.

Stagecoach was the original of John ford's numerous Westerns that were filmed with the dazzling Monument Valley, icon of the American south-west, as a backdrop. A lot of were also to star John Wayne.

Throughout the Nineteen Thirties Ford & Waye had been good friends. In spite of this Ford refused to employ Wayne in any of his movies, needing Wayne to be persevering until he was "all set" as an actor. In 1938, Ford provided Wayne a text of satagecoacheís screenplay by Dudley Nichols and asked for advice for an actor to take the role of Ringo Kid. After reading it recommended Lloyd Nolan for the job, yet Ford was not convinced. Historically the very next day, Ford informed Wayne that he would like him to perform Ringo Kid.

In following time since, Stagecoach grew to becomte a silver screen classic, everybody associated with it as well as the cast has stated they always recognized it would be recognized as one of the classic films. Yet according to film cast actor Louise Platt, this was not true at the time. She recalled in 2002, during an exhibition celebrating the creation of the film Stagecoach, put on by the Ned Scott Archive, in pertnership with the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum ìIt's success was a surprise to everyone but John Ford.î Of John Wayne Platt recalls Ford stating "Hell be the biggest star ever because he is the perfect everyman." Many would tell you Ford was correct.

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